Sarajevo Walking tour

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, sorrounded by Olympic mountains located in the valley of Isal Bey Ishakovic. Because of its location the city became a main crossroad for caravans and traders from east, west, south and north. The city has a rich culture, and has for centuries had a presence of all monotheistic religions. Sarajevo has a  rich culture, and for centuries presence of all monotheistic religions. In circle of just 100 meters you can find a mosque, orthodox church, chatolic chaetedral and jewish synagogue. Walking trough the main street you can see the fine line between Ottoman and Austro – Hungarian architecture –  or as locals call it “Sarajevo meeting of cultures”. Take a tour with us and discover our small city with big stories, the place where east meets west.


First stop on our tour will be Seher-Cehajina Bridge, that connects house of spite and City Hall. The bridge is located in the old town where the story of Sarajevo as a city begins. From there we will visit City Hall, which was built in 1896, the building is a triangle shaped building full of decorations and unique details. City Hall was as many other buildings in Sarajevo destroyed in the 1990s war, but was reconstructed in the summer of 2014.


After City Hall we proceed to the heart of Old Town – Baščaršija. On the way we will cross the street with restaurants offering the traditional bosnian dish Čevapi. Going trough the only remaining street from Ottoman period – Kazandžiluk and entering Baščaršija, you will encounter the smell of Bosnian coffee and scent of hookah bars. On Baščaršija you will also find the  famous public font Sebilj.


From Baščaršija we will move down the Sarači street to Gazi Husrev Bey’s mosque,  which is the most important mosque in Sarajevo. Near the mosque there is clock tower and as the mosque from the XV century, and Morica Han.


Sarajevo has been multicultural, multireligious and multiethnical city for centuries. Nearby Gazi Husrev Bey’s mosque there are both old and new Jewish temples, Sacred Heart Chatedreal and Old Orthodox church. 


In the “sweet corner” in the old town, there is a border between two cultures. This corner is called the “Sarajevo meeting of cultures” and here you can see two sides of the street, on one side Ottoman architecture and on the other side Austro-Hungarian architecture starts.


Moving from Sweet corner trough Bezistan, Sarajevo’s covered market from Ottoman Empire, to one of the most visited locations in Sarajevo, Latin bridge. The bridge is famous for assassination of Austro – Hungarian archduke Franz Ferdinand, which triggered World War I.


Drive trough the city to Bosna springs, the nature protected area in Ilidza, the green oasis of Sarajevo. The country got its name from the Bosna river.


At the end of the tour we’ll visit Sarajevo’s tunnel. With introduction about the Bosnian war and siege of Sarajevo you’ll learn what was hapening here during the longest siege in modern history ’92-’95. We’ll visit Tunnel museum, watch a short film about the war and go trough the tunnel.

  • Meeting point: At the lobby of your hotel
  • Tour duration: 4 hours
  • Tour includes: Professional tour guide, transfer, Enterence fees
  • Tour does not include: any personal costs

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