Sarajevo Grand – Walking tour

Sarajevo Grand  Walking Tour

The city that is commonly associated with the siege in the 1990s has plenty more to offer. Join us in a journey through the past where the guide will reveal the small and big secrets of this city and introduce you to the mysticism of Sarajevo streets and alleys. The tour will take you to the main sights of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian architecture and will show you a unique line where East meets West. Enjoy the scent of fresh made coffee, flavours from hookah, sound of church bells and call from the minarets. Learn about the assassination that triggered the First World War and discover why Sarajevo is called European Jerusalem.

Things to see and do (price includeing):

  • english speaking guide ( 4 hours )
  • Sightingns from the program below

*price exludes : entry fees

DURATION : 4 hours



10:00 Walking tour of  old town Bascarsija,  Brusa bezistan – covered market place; Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque- built in 1530 year during the Ottoman era – and Gazi Husrev Bey Madrass; Morica han built in 1551. Assassination 1914 on the Latin Bridge, Emperor’s Mosque , City Hall/National Library – who was constructed during the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the Moorish style, Spite House, Bravadziluk and Kazandziluk old streets, Jewish Quarter, Sarajevo Cathedral, Sarajevo roses – reminder of the killed civilians; Bosniak Institute Markale Marketplace, Eternal Flame, National Teatre, Bosnian Cultural Center.

14:00 Free activites

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