Bijambare Caves Tour

Highland of Nišička:

Driving to the top of the Nišička plateu you will experience breathtaking view of fields filled with sheeps and cows nearby the villages. The area is known for its organic food and milk products. This is the perfect place for a hike, driving a mountain bike, or walking through the forest.

Bijambare Caves – nature protected area:

Bijambare tract, is highly valued for its natural beauty and richness. The tract is a protected area of the fifth grade, or a protected landscape. The reserve is situated in the northeast slopes in Canton Sarajevo near Nišići highland. Located near by road from Sarajevo to Tuzla makes is additonally attractive to tourists.

At an  average altitude of 950m you will find a forest with various pine trees, beautiful meadows crossed by two creaks that form small lakes and sink underground into karstified limestone rock base. The area is a karst region, having karst depressions, sinkholes and most importantly 6 known caves. The reserve is attractive for many activties such as hiking, horse-back riding, mountaineering, fishing, hunting, skiing or even just for a picknik.

However, the greatest attraction is the presence and accessibility of caves that are nicely grouped. In three horizons there are five caves. The five caves all have names, and are well known. The sixth cave is unnamed and not as known as the other five. The largest cave is called Bijambare main cave, mid-Bijambare or simply Bijambare. The main cave is, 420m long, with 4 large “halls” stretching up to 60m in diameter and to over 30m in height. The last hall you enter is known as  “concert-hall” due to its impressive size. The cave is rich with cave “jewellery” forms such as stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, basins, and side-blocks.It is presently inhabited by colony of bats and crickets. In the upper Bijambare cave, stone-tools of the cave-man were found after brief explorations in 1967. Most probably many more could be dug-out. Skeletons of ancient bears, dears and other animals have also been discovered in some of the caves.