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Treat yourself with the sweet taste of nature and the excitement and serenity of our untouched wilderness. Come and discover your next eco adventure!

Bosnia and Herzegovinadoes not only represent culture and tradition. The great wealth of this country is beautiful landscapes and wild primeval nature. Thick forests, wild rivers, rare and unique endemic plants and animals, sharp mountains and beautiful hills or mysterious caves can be found in our country.Whether you want to take a walk, take a hike, or just conquer a mountain peak, one day out in the nature will make a strong impression on you. A day in the mountains where air is fresh and clean, and flowers and pine trees smell wonderfully, or just one view of numerous hills and mountains will provide you with pleasure, serenity and unforgettable experience.

For more then 60 years, this unique landscape has been protected by different National and Nature Parks. If you want to feel the power of nature you should go rafting on the rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Neretva, Drina, Vrbas, Una and Tara – RELAX TOURS will make sure that memories of these rivers will never fade. Some parts of breath taking wild canyons and rapids are very demanding. Only a team can conquer these challenging parts of the river, and at the end they can sit around the campfire and talk about the wonderful adventure… People from all around the world come to participate in Regatta. The Una River in North-western Bosnia is already known internationally. Each year the Una Regatta is organized as well as other international weekends of rafting, kayaking and canoeing. All of these attract lovers of river adventure on the sparkling waters of Una and Sana – the beauties of northwest Bosnia. In summer of 2009, World Championship in rafting was held on rivers Vrbas and Tara.

Hiking and walking through the highlands and learning about the ancient lifestyles thriving in the mountainous area are an unforgettable experience.With RELAX TOURS you could visit village Lukomir, on Bjelasnica Mountain. At almost 1,500m, the village of Lukomir, with its unique stone homes with cherry-wood roof tiles, is the highest and most isolated village in the country. Indeed, access to the village is impossible from the first snows in December until late April and sometimes even later, except by skis or on foot. The residents of this highest village in Bosnia and Herzegovina maintain one of the oldest traditional lifestyles in Europe, wearing authentic dress and living without contemporary comforts like electricity or running-water. From there, you can do some magnificent hiking in the area along the ridge of the Rakitnica Canyon, which drops 800m below. The natural beauty of its surroundings is the most striking in the area.

In summer time, crystal-clear lakes are real refreshment for swimmers.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is very proud of its water resources: mineral and thermal springs, rivers and waterfalls, lakes, as well as a small piece of the Adriatic Sea. Unique geographic position lends itself to warm Mediterranean climate in the south and cooler continental temperatures in the Alpine North, providing nature lovers with a wide array of landscapes, flora and fauna, and thrilling outdoor activities.

Drina, the mystical Bosnian river, begins its way by winding through picturesque narrow    passages and thereafter forms fast rapids on which rafting becomes a truly unique adventure that you don’t want to miss.

Without the Neretva River, Herzegovina would not be what it is- a Mediterranean oasis offering all kinds of experiences: from mountainous terrain to religious tourism and excellent cuisine. In the Upper canyon you will find some of the most breathtaking views in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is said that rafting down the Neretva River is one of the most wonderful things a person can experience.With RELAX TOURS and rafting clubs you can experience an unforgettable but safe and comfortable passage through the 23 km long Neretva canyon.

Vrelo Bosne / Spring of Bosna River

The Spring of Bosna, with its natural beauty, emerges at the gate of Sarajevo. A three kilometer long avenue, bordered by plants and sweet chestnuts leads from Ilidža to the source of Bosna. There, at the foot of Igman, are the cold springs of the river that gave the whole country its name. This is a natural park in which there are many springs and streams that form pools and small islets. The spring of Bosna is constitutional, hydrological, botanical and horticultural phenomenon and one of the favorite excursion spots of Sarajevo.

Una River

This river is for many the most beautiful river in the entire country. Over one hundred and seventy types of medicinal herbs grow along her banks. Twenty eight kinds of fish make their home in the Una. Beautiful and rare chamois seek refuge in Grmuca Canyon carved by the Una’s constant flow and small crayfish can be seen darting along the crystal clear sand basin. The sometimes steep corridors are not always conducive to navigating her beautiful waters, yet one of the most frequent views of Una are the small boats with anglers and the ever-increasing number of rafters and kayakers. This river has created a harmony with man, fish, birds, willows, bridges and old mills rarely seen today.

Vrelo Bune / Buna River springs

The Spring of Bunais the natural and architectural ensemble near the small town Blagaj and it’s a declared to be Historical and Natural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here it is impossible to separate the natural values from the cultural and historical heritage – since its enormous value is in the coexistence of the natural and the man-made, in the integration of the building structures into the surrounding landscape and nature.

The most known building is the world famous and renowned dervish tekija (lodge) which is here. The Buna Spring is one of the largest and most beautiful in Europe and is of interest to all nature lovers, especially to ‘cavers’ who still have not fully explored the mysterious underground of this veritable water miracle in the heart of Herzegovina. But the Buna also poses a true challenge for Muslims who come here every year in the second half of May to attend ‘mevlud’ and ‘zikr’. The ‘mevlud’ accounts for the biggest gathering of Muslims in Herzegovina. Mediterranean climate and comfortable restaurants give pleasant moments of sojourn, walk and relaxation to its quests. The possibilities of hunting, in the Podveležje plateau and fishing in the river of Buna, then swimming in the clean and cold Buna River and in mineral, medical water of Bunica are the extra motives to visit this jewel of the nature.

The Tara River

A jewel among the world’s natural heritage spots with its clean drinking and navigable waters, it’s eye soothing views and soul warming ambience… 30 kilometers of the deepest canyon in Europe borders two countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Second only to the Colorado River in depth, this 1300 meter canyon provides the best rafting, kayaking, and canoeing in Europe. This paradise and protected area has a long tradition of extreme water sporting and easy family outings.


The Vrbas Canyon is an ideal place for water adventures like kayaking and rafting and for softer adventures upriver – hiking, walking, camping and fishing. The eco-activities organized on the Vrbas are done so by an extremely dedicated group of young professionals that will give you an authentic and organic taste of the beautiful nature on and around the Vrbas River.
Highlands around the canyon gives you an unforgettable view of the river below. The canyon and its walls are habitat to hawks, eagles and falcons as well. The highlands are dotted with many old villages that offer a stark contrast to the beat of the Banja Luka city center.

National Parks

Hutovo Blato (Hutovo Wetland)  

In the south of Herzegovina, 30km from Mostar, you can find Hutovo Blato – a nature and bird reserve, the famous reserve of migratory birds.

The Nature Park has been a shelter over 200 species of birds and game. The whole zone is well protected from human impact and functions as an important habitat for many plants and animals. It stretches over an area of about 7,411 ha and represents the one of the richest wetland reserves in Europe. Its waters are rich in eel, carp and other fresh water fish and the splendor of this unique area of untouched nature is home to 610 plant types. The Park is ideal for fishing, bird watching and photo safaris and it also offers regular boat rides with professional guides. We warmly invite you to one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most unique nature parks and only bird reserve which is listed as a wet-land of international importance, and is registered as such in UNESCO’s directory in Paris. It is one of the most protected areas in the Balkans. Bring your binoculars and your camera… you don’t want to forget this experience!


Thanks to Perućica, Sutjeska National Park is unique in the region and in Europe. Perućica is the last primeval forest in Europe, an untouched jewel in which no logging has occurred. Some parts of it remain unexploredIn the unexplored wilderness dotted with deep canyons, fast flowing brooks, clear mountain lakes and mystical forests, one can both camp and mountaineer. A section of Maglić lies within the Natural Park and its 2,386 meters above the sea level is the highest mountain peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Kozara National Park

This National Park is primarily famous for its forests and diverse wildlife. This large mountain complex is bordered by four rivers: the Una, the Sana, the Sava and the Vrbas. Kozara is also known for historical reasons as Tito’s partisans fought a major battle on its slopes.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has huge potentials for the development of village tourism- authentic villages with magnificent landscapes, preserved nature and first of all, warm hearted people. Sincere hospitality has always been a characteristic of people in these areas.